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  1. General Regulations

1.1.Rules introduced for the effective use of residential areas, a high level of cultural life of students, interns, masters, clinical residents, postgraduate and doctoral students of the University, as well as students of the faculty of teacher training, preparatory department for foreign citizens (hereinafter – the students) in the dormitories of the University.

1.2. Rules are the main normative documents regulating the organization and holding of a settlement of nonresident students of the University, their living conditions, internal regulations in dormitories, rights and duties of dormitory residents, the order of rewards and penalties;

1.3. Internal regulations in the university dormitories under regulations approved by the Rector of the University, agreed with the Student Parliament and the trade union committee.

1.4. Rights and duties of the University dormitories are determined by descriptions approved by the Rector of the University.

1.5. Each student signed an Agreement regarding accommodation and its Annex, which provides for the implementation of the Internal Regulations for all categories of persons enrolled in the University Regulation and the preservation of property and compensation for losses;

1.6. Check in at the dormitory of the University is carried out after creating them the necessary living conditions for the residence permit sanitary-epidemiological station, as well as registration of the dormitory in the manner prescribed by the current legislation of Ukraine.

1.7. A person who takes up residence in a dorm must personally present a passport and head of the dormitory (the Commandant) a warrant for the residence and place of residence in the document on the provisional payment for accommodation for at least one month in advance. It must be trained in fire safety, operating household appliances, radio and gas equipment, as well as on the use of elevators (if available at the dormitory). Instruction is carried out head (commander) and confirmed by personal signature in a special register.

1.8. Foreign students who are studying at the University, placed in its dormitories on a general basis, unless otherwise provided by contract.

1.9. Accommodation in student dormitories of the University staff, outsiders, placing units, and other organizations are allowed as an exception and only with the permission of the rector of the University.

1.10. Providing space-bed temporary accommodation for students, students, graduate students, doctoral students, and training courses in the dormitories of the University in accordance with the approved Regulations on the settlement.

1.11. Residents living in the dormitory of the University can be (optionally) provided residence in another room (unit) without deterioration of living conditions.

1.12. After graduation, with expulsion from the school, translated into distance learning, voluntary refusal to stay in dormitory, residents must pass the head of the dormitory room for 7 days, and withdraw from the passport registration. After passing the room and de-registration of passport sheet Bypass student dormitory and head of passport department make appropriate notes.

1.13. Rules have been developed on the basis of:

– Model Regulations on the student dormitory institution of higher education approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine;

– Regulations on the student dormitory of the Private higher education institute “International European University”

– Regulation on the settlement and living in dormitorys of the Private higher education institute “International European University”

– Charter IEU;

– Order of the University for the organization of settlements students, interns, masters, clinical residents, postgraduate and doctoral students in the dorm IEU for the current academic year;

– Law of Ukraine “On the status and social protection of citizens affected by the Chernobyl disaster”;

– Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine № 433 from 16.06.1995, “On the improvement of material support for orphans and children left without parental care”;

– Presidential Decree № 524/99 from 19.05.1999 “On state care for children who are learning the mountain specialties and whose parents have died or become disabled at coal mines”;

– Law of Ukraine “On Legal Status of Foreigners and Stateless Persons” from 22.09.2011;

– Housing Code of the Ukrainian SSR from 30.06.1983 years (article 128 “The order of the living space in the dorms”, as amended by the Law N 3167-IV (3167-15) of 01.12.2005).


  1. Accommodation

2.1. Each residential unit or floor of the dormitory should have a responsible mayor for each floor. Description of property and items of common use in the room, signed by each resident room is stored in the head of the dormitory. Property for personal use, as well as items of common use shall be issued to residents under their own responsibility.

2.2. Dorm residents are issued passes to the right of the entrance to the dormitory.

2.3. NIGHT SILENCE is obligatory from 23.00 to 7.00. Entrance door is open from 06:00 to 23:00. Exit door is open from 23:00 to 6:00 only for residents who made previous submission of the application to the head of the dormitory, indicating the reasons.

2.4. Guests non-residents can enter the dormitory after getting prior permission from the Head of the dormitory and after leaving their ID at the reception desk. After 22:00 guests non-residents not allowed to stay in the dormitory.

2.4.1. At the entrance to the dormitory visitors placing an identification document and recorded in the visitors’ book. Extension of stay of the parents of the student in a dorm is only possible with the written permission of the head of the dormitory;

2.4.2. Once student dormitory residents reported a profit of guests he is able to accompany them in their room;

2.4.3. Responsible for timely care visitor dorms and its compliance with internal regulations are the people who invited these persons.

2.5. NIGHT SILENCE is obligatory from 23.00 to 7.00. Entrance door is closed from 23:00 to 6:00. It can be opened only to the dormitory residents.

2.6. All residents are attracted to duty at the dormitory in the chores of daily living according to the schedule developed by the student government, and agreed with the students. Every day the work is done to maintain order and cleanliness in their residential and work rooms.

2.7. Room for cooking available for use 24/7.

III. Rights and obligations of residents’ dormitories

3.1. Residents of the dormitory have the right to:

– The residents can use the facilities of the dormitory according to the rules described in the Regulations of the dormitory;

– The inviolability of its own property in the rooms (in the absence of tenants without their permission room cannot be opened, except for accidents and emergencies, provided the legal framework)

– To elect the student council as part of the prefect’s blocks, floors and the dormitory and be elected to its membership;

– To participate through the bodies of the student government on issues related to the improvement of living conditions, organization of educational work and leisure, equipment and decoration of living rooms and other spaces dormitory, working staff, etc .;

– Require the timely repair or replacement of equipment, furniture, as well as deficiencies in the domestic security;

– To make complaints to the leadership of the University regarding quality of staff work, or the living conditions if they do not comply with the requirements of this document.

3.2. Residents of the dormitory are obliged:

– To use the beds, property, utility room, common areas only for its intended purpose, and on an equal footing with other residents.

– To know and strictly follow the rules in the dormitories;

– Timely pay for the accommodation in accordance with the Agreement on the accommodation in the dormitory of the University;

– Complete instructions and strictly observe the safety regulations, fire safety in the use of electrical and gas appliances, install in a dormitory electrical appliances (personal appliances and radios residents to be registered at the head of the dormitory, and additional consumption of these devices electricity reimbursed University under the act);

– Head of the dormitory rent a warrant for dormitory accommodation;

– Provide input to the dormitory only on presentation of admission;

– Timely undergo a medical examination in the student’s polyclinic;

– Observe cleanliness and order in the living rooms, common areas and to participate in all kinds of work related to the self, every day to clean the living rooms and units;

– Treat the university property – buildings, equipment, property and dormitories, economical use of electricity, gas and water;

– Continuing to comply with the instructions for the safe use of gas stoves, to ensure their maintenance clean;

– In case of fire, know the accommodations and be able to use primary fire extinguishing means, know evacuation routes;

– Personal items that do not require daily use, lease storage chamber; for things that are not deposited in a period of prolonged absence of the student, the administration is not responsible;

– Leaving the room, turn off the lights, electrical appliances, close windows;

– Provide timely requests for repairs to the electrical, plumbing, and furniture;

– Provide duplicate keys commandant of the dormitory, and in their absence or replacement of the castle passed an appropriate counterpart in a 5-day period;

– To compensate the material damage caused in accordance with the Agreement on the permit;

– In the case of an invitation to the dormitory visitor personally meet him at the door, leave your dorm skipping duty to ensure the provision of regular identity document of the visitor, to hold it to the door of the dormitory no later than 23.00;

– Of all the incidents in the dormitory immediately to notify the head of the dormitory, the protection of workers and the student council;

– In case of temporary departure (about one week) from the dormitory, to inform elder block (moving address is known)

– After graduation, or in other cases of termination of an agreement on accommodation, lease property, inventory taking into account normal wear and tear, which is in use in the room and habitable condition and to move out of the dormitory no later than 7 days from the date of publication of the corresponding order or instruction;

– During the current or emergency repair, retrofitting of residential areas in the dormitory to vacate the premises and move to another, provided by the University;

– Comply with the orders of the dormitory and head protection requirements of workers.

3.3. Residents of the dormitory is prohibited:

– Store, use additional electrical equipment and devices of electricity, which does not provide the design-settlement rules (electric kettle, electric heater, electric kettle, microwave, extension without fuse)

– Unauthorized move from one room to another;

– To adapt and move equipment and furniture from one room to another;

– Wash clothes, clean clothes and shoes in the living room;

– Unauthorized to carry out repairs in the rooms, rework and fix the wiring, replace the door lock without the permission of the head of the dormitory;

– Create noise, and include radio, TV equipment on the volume, which complicates the work and leisure of residents of other units;

– Hold public events at the dormitory without written permission of the head of the dormitory;

– Keep pets;

– Break the silence from 22.00 to 07.00 hours;

– To perform other actions that contradicts the current legislation of Ukraine.

3.4. In case of violation of the above-mentioned internal regulations in the dorms for the first time – students make notes and warnings. Repeated violations of fixing – student receives a reprimand. The presence of two reprimands for the period of one academic year is grounds for denial of bed places to stay for the next year. Upon receipt of the third reprimand – the student is subject to early eviction from the dormitory.

3.5. Gross violation of internal regulations is considered to be in a dormitory:

– The use and sale of alcoholic beverages, narcotics, toxic and explosive substances; staying in a dormitory in a state of alcohol, toxic or narcotic intoxication

– Smoking in residential and work rooms;

– Abandonment of unauthorized persons and after 23.00 the night;

– Ignoring the requirements of security service employees, other workers dormitory and representatives of the Student Council, the Student Parliament and the trade union committee;

– Unauthorized processing of electrical and switching electric heaters in the living rooms;

– Intentional infliction of material damage equipment, furniture, inventory and dormitory facilities

– Displaying behaviors that are unacceptable in terms of moral values or customs that are accepted by the society.

3.5. In case of a single gross violation of internal regulations in the student dormitories prematurely evicted from the dormitory.


  1. Incentives and penalties

4.1. For active participation in cultural activities and work to improve the environment and consumer services the dormitory residents are encouraged to:

– Gratitude;

– Awarding of the gift or cash prize.

4.2. For the violation of internal regulations and discipline in the dormitory on the inhabitants impose penalties:

– Remark, warning;

– Rebuke;

– Check-out from the dormitory;

– Refusal to provide bed space for living for the next year;

– Contributions from University.

4.3. Incentives and penalties dormitory residents, students and graduate students in the established order submitted Rector of the University on the proposal of the head of the dormitory, agreed with the chairman of the Commission for settlement, the relevant dean and the student government.






7.1. Operation  dormitories of IEU made according to the rules, norms, operation, maintenance of the housing stock.

7.2. The direct management of economic activities and the exploitation of the responsibility of the dormitories of IEU Rector for AChRs, monitor the implementation of the residents of the Internal Regulations – at the head of the dormitory, student government dormitory and deputy dean of the relevant faculty.

7.3. IEU, as the owner of the dormitory is obliged to:

comply with the terms concluded with residents of the dormitory on the settlement agreement and its Annexes;

instruct to “internal regulations in dormitories IEU” fire safety rules, the use of electric, gas equipment and elevators;

include dormitories premises in accordance with the sanitary standards and regulations;

complement dorm furniture, equipment, linens, equipment, tools and materials for the maintenance or cleaning the dormitory and surrounding area, according to the current model rules;

a timely manner to carry out the repair of dormitorys, inventory, equipment, properly maintained fixed territory, green areas;

to provide the residents of the dormitory necessary municipal services facilities for educational work, self-study, cultural and sporting events;

in case of damage or accidents immediately to take steps to deal with them;

carry out the repair of the common areas and utilities, according to the plan of work relevant to the current academic year;

to relocate, if necessary, in acute diseases and lack of hospitalized patients dormitory residents in insulators;

complement states dormitorys in the prescribed manner support staff;

promote student council dormitory in the development of self-government for working, living and recreation for the citizens and the like;

implement measures to improve the living and cultural conditions in the dormitory, to take timely measures to implement the proposals of residents and keep them informed decisions;

provide the necessary thermal conditions in all areas of the dormitory in accordance with the model rules;

to ensure timely funding for the maintenance of dormitories;

in the event of the need to ensure the allocation of premises for the organization in the dormitories of educational, cultural and sports activities, cafeterias and canteens, to equip them with technological equipment, furniture, crockery and necessary equipment;

organize throughput system in the dormitory and storage (optional tenant) personal belongings in the storage room with additional payment (in this case, for the safety of items, documents and money Residents who are in the room dormitory IEU is not responsible);

to provide a badge for entry into the dormitory.

7.4. Financially responsible persons in dormitories IEU is the head of the dormitory (commanders), the housekeeper and the head of the storage chamber (with the existence of specially equipped premises).

7.5. Head of the dormitory – official who organizes and bears full responsibility for the livelihoods of the dormitory in accordance with these Regulations, and Internal Rules in dormitories IEU.

7.6. Head of the dormitory is appointed and dismissed by order of the rector of IEU with the agreement with the Student Parliament and the trade union committee.

7.7. Head of the dormitory is directly subordinate to the vice-rector for scientific and pedagogical work and future development of the University and the dean of the relevant faculty.

7.8. The main task of the head of the dormitory is to create the necessary living conditions for all categories of residents of dormitories.

7.9. Head of the dormitory is fully responsible for compliance with the Internal Regulations of all the residents and the support staff of the dormitory.

7.10. Annually produces and supplies the vice-rector for scientific and pedagogical work and future development of the University and the dean of the relevant faculty for the approval of the organizational structure of the dormitory, staffing and changes to them (if necessary).

7.11. Develop and submit for approval to the vice-rector for scientific and pedagogical work and future development of the University Regulations and other documents regulating the economic and financial activities of the dormitory.

7.12. Head of the dormitory manages support staff dorms, constant monitoring of the safety of property.

7.13. Head of the dormitory are subject:


Head of the storage chamber;

cleaners dormitory rooms and its territory;

the next;

carpenter, plumber and / or other employees of the staffing table.

7.14. In the case of leave of absence and temporary head of the dormitory, shall act as the housekeeper.

7.15. Head of the dormitory must:

monitor the timely introduction of fees for residents of all types of services;

create the necessary living conditions for the inhabitants;

to carry out the settlement of residents in strict compliance with the orders issued to them;

promptly evicted from the dormitory of those who have lost the right to live;

pass the living room for storage (block), its equipment, inventory aging room (unit), tools and equipment floor (section) – old floor (sections);

to ensure proper condition of premises, entrances and other common areas of the dormitory and its territory;

organize content, registration, storage and proper use of property, staff dorm room all the necessary supplies and equipment;

to ensure timely repair of equipment and inventory dormitory, to spend their timely write-offs, in accordance with the terms of use;

fighting equipment to keep in complete and proper condition;

to organize and monitor the daily work of their subordinates to ensure their normal working conditions, necessary equipment, tools and materials;

introduce a receipt of all employees with job descriptions;

ensure the serviceability of all the door locks, the existence of two sets of keys to them and safe storage;

together with the student council once a week to inspect the facilities the dormitory with the obligatory mark in a special inspection results (the presence and condition of furniture, equipment, sanitary condition of living rooms and public spaces). If damaged property to conduct an internal investigation to identify those responsible, to take action to recover damages caused by them;

to keep records of electrical appliances in the private use of residents;

maintain documentation on accounting performance of current and capital repairs of the technical condition of the building and engineering services, and take control of the works;

take into account the proposals of residents in the implementation of measures to improve living conditions;

comply with safety regulations and fire safety. At least once every six months instruct all employees to comply with the dormitory safety rules when working with the log entry instructing the workplace.

7.16. When leaving the residents of the dormitory on vacation, sabbatical or practice dormitory Head shall:

ensure acceptance issued by property and the keys to the rooms in good condition;

in the old room (unit), sections, floor to accept the transferred property, which has been in use;

to close and seal the room.

7.17. Head dorms responsible for the unsatisfactory performance of his duties; neglect general support staff.


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