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The University has created the necessary conditions for rest and enhancement of students’ cultural level. There are 2 assembly halls available for students’ services, which are a place for organizing and conducting educational and educational events, located in the University premises at the following addresses:


Kyiv, Academic Butlerov Street, 1;

Kyiv, Stepan Bandera avenue, 16.


Acting halls provide scientific conferences and seminars, creative evenings, meetings with distinguished scientists and celebrations for university students: dedication to students, awarding diplomas for higher education and others. The assembly rooms are equipped with multimedia equipment, projection audio and video equipment.


Ensuring the livelihood and social needs of students and teachers is ensured by the availability of the social infrastructure of the Private Education Higher Education “International European University”:

  • canteens and buffets – 2,
  • hostels – 1,
  • medical centres – 2.

Private Institutions Of Higher Education “International European University” for conducting classes in physical education, physical therapy, ergotherapy, sports sections, competitions, sports halls at the following addresses:

  • Kyiv, Academic Butler Street, 1 (250 sq. m.
  • Kyiv, Yuri Illenko Street, 46 letter “A” (729.1 sq.m)
  • Kyiv, Yuri Illenko Street, 46 ​​letter “A” (614.7 sq.m)

In addition to the existing sports hall in the main premises of the University, the Private Institutions Of Higher Education “International European University”  has signed the Contract on the provision of services №2EU / 0819 of 12.08.2019 with SE Sports Complex “Avangard”, under which conditions, the University has the right to use 2 gyms with an area of 729.1 square meters and 614.7 square meters respectively, as well as the stadium area of 627.3 square meters, located at: Kiev, Yuri Illenko Street, 46 letter “A”.


The sports halls are fully equipped for training and sports competitions in basketball, volleyball, mini-football, big tennis, athletic gymnastics, table tennis, martial arts and more. The halls have basketball boards, football gates, volleyball nets, nets for tennis and badminton, basketball, football, volleyballs, tables for table tennis, simulators, arboretums, bicycle ergometers, “Rehabilitation and health” platforms, sports treads (horizontal and vertical thrust blocks for back muscles, linkage, horizontal exercise bike, thigh muscle simulator, smith machine, chest machine, drive and pull muscle trainer, crossover, leg press trainer, professional dumbbells , disks, W-shaped grip, thrust upper, rotating thrust T-shaped with emphasis on legs, universal walls, table for armports, barbell, dumbbells, disks to the bar, balls for the development of a brush, balls for massage, stuffed, football , medicine ball, etc.).


The stadium is partially equipped with a special rubber covering for football and volleyball; there are treadmills, a long jump pit, pillars and a volleyball court.


Thus, the sports infrastructure at the Private Institution of Higher Education “International European University” fully satisfies the needs of organizing the educational process and self-realization of an active personality in the field of sports.


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