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Structure of the University

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Structure of the PIHE “IEU”



  • First Vice-Rector
  • Vice-rector for scientific work
  • Vice-rector for medical work
  • Vice-rector for International Affairs
  • Vice-rector for administrative and economic activity



Human Resources Department

General Department (Office)

Contracting department

Legal service

Planning and Economic Department

Maintenance department

Educational department

Department of work with USEBEI

Department of organization of preparation and carrying out of DIC “KROK 1, 2”

Department of Postgraduate Education (Internship)



International Relations Department

Preparatory department for foreign citizens

Faculty of Medicine

  • Deanery

Department of medical and biological disciplines

Department of Social Sciences and Language Training

Department of clinical disciplines

Faculty of Management

  • Deanery

Department of Management







Private institution of higher education

«International European University»

as of May 06, 2019


№                        Position                              Occupational Classifier Code                           Notes


1                               2                                                     3                                                  4

Rector                                                  1210.1

First Vice-Rector                                  4115

Vice-rector for scientific work                    1210.1

Vice-rector for medical work                      1210.1

Vice-rector for International Affairs          1210.1

Vice-rector for AEA                                       1237.2


Department of Support of work with USEBEI               2131.2

Human Resources Department


Head of Department                                       1232

Inspector                                                            3423


                     Chief Accountant                                        1231

Chief accountant’s assistant                       1231

Accountant                                                  2411.2

Educational department

                      Head of department                                       1229.7

Deputy Head of Department                        1229.7

Methodist                                                         2351.2

Inspector                                                           2352

Head of Practice Sector                                  1229.4

Specialist                                                           2310.2


Faculty of Medicine


Dean                                                                     1229.4

Deputy Dean                                                       1229.4

Methodist                                                             2351.2

Database Administrator (USEBEI Operator) 2131.2

Faculty of Management

Dean                                                                        1229.4

Deputy Dean                                                           1229.4

Methodist                                                               2351.2





Preparatory department

Chief                                                                     1229.7

2                         Deputy Chief                                                        2352

2                          Specialist                                                            2310.2


Contracting department

Head of department                                           1229.7

Specialist                                                               2351.2

Department of Postgraduate Education (Internship)

Manager                                                                1229.4

Methodist                                                                2352

Legal service

Leading lawyer                                                      2421.2

Lawyer                                                                    2421.2

Maintenance department

Head of Unit                                                     1239

Safety engineer                                                 2149.2

System Administrator                                       2131.2

Wardrobe                                                           9152

Office cleaner                                                    9132

Master of repair                                                 1222.2

Driver                                                                8322

Commandant (hostel)                                           5121

Dormitory on duty                                                 9141

General Division (Office)

Head                                                                          1231


Library director                                                       1229.7



Department of medical and biological disciplines

Head                                                                          1229.4

Deputy Head                                                            1229.4

Professor                                                                   2310.1

Associate Professor                                                 2310.1

Senior Lecturer                                                         2310.2

Assistant                                                                    2310.2

Laboratory Assistant                                               3340


Department of Social Sciences and Language Training

Head                                                                          1229.4

Professor                                                                  2310.1

Associate Professor                                                2310.1

Assistant                                                                  2310.2



Department of clinical disciplines

Head                                                                           1229.4

Deputy Head                                                             1229.4

Professor                                                                    2310.1

Associate Professor                                                  2310.1

Assistant                                                                      2310.2

Laboratory Assistant                                                 3340

Department of Management

Head                                                                            1229.4

Deputy Head                                                               1229.4

Professor                                                                     2310.1

Associate Professor                                                    2310.1

Assistant                                                                       2310.2

Laboratory Assistant                                                  3340

Department of organization of preparation and carrying out of DIC “KROK 1, 2”


Structure of the International Relations Department

Structural unit for work with foreigners and stateless persons, whose functions include, in particular, the issuance of invitations to study and ensure the stay of foreigners and stateless persons in Ukraine legally


Unit Position
1.Department of International Relations of PIHE “IEU” Head
Deputy Head
Senior Specialist
Senior Specialist
1.1 Division of Migration Deputy Head of the Department for International Relations on Migration
Senior Passport Inspector
1.2 Division of International Innovation Marketing Deputy Head of International Marketing Relations
1.3 Division of Web Development Specialist
1.4 Division of International Culture and Relations Deputy Head of the International Relations Department for International Culture and Relations
Senior Specialist
1.5 Linguistic Center Deputy Head of International Relations
Preparatory department for international students Director
Deputy Director of Pedagogical Work
Deputy Director of Educational Work



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